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Residential and Commercial packages include:

  • Furnace cleaning and inspection
  • Hot air duct work cleaning
  • Cold return air duct work cleaning
  • Air conditioner “A” coil cleaning (if applicable)
  • Sanitize and deodorize all duct work
  • Inspection of duct work to ensure proper seals






Chimneys need to be cleaned to remove residues in the chimney which can block the flue and prevent proper drafting, and to remove flammable deposits which can cause a chimney fire.

All types of appliances which burn fuel and vent to the outdoors should be inspected annually and cleaned when needed.

  • Chimneys that need annual inspection:
  • Fireplaces that burn wood or gas
  • Chimneys serving wood stoves
  • Water heater flues
  • Furnace flues
  • Vented gas hearth products such as gas fireplaces, gas freestanding stoves, gas logs and gas inserts

Chimneys need periodic examination and thorough cleaning to maintain efficiency and to reduce the chance of a chimney fire.